Who to vote for...


Who to vote for?! Such a dilemma, especially as this UK election is dominated by the personalities of the leaders of the three main parties - who are in turn: dour, smug and eager.Basically no one wants to vote for any of them - but someone has to be in charge.
Of course we don't get to vote for that person. That is out of my hands. I get to vote for someone from a group of people that I simply don't know at all.
It got me thinking about the bit where you put the X next to the name - who is that?For this election I decided to research my own local candidates and decide to vote for the one that would represent me best in Parliament rather than for the national party.
Turns out (thank you theyworkforyou.com) that my local MP actually voted exactly as I'd have liked her to in the past parliament. Whereas the others keep telling me about their personal histories rather than how they would have voted on the same issues.
So I've decided that however much I may despise her party and all it stands for - I completely agree with her.
Surely there must be a site that does this? Asks all my candidates how they would have voted on recent debates and only accepts Yes, No or Abstain? That's how I want to decide. Data!

Written by
Tea Uglow
There is, it turns out, always a Tea in team. And Beth. Of course. x
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