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Lernert & Sander's "Natural Beauty" - 365 days of makeup in one day - is an interesting video - 365 days of makeup in one go... I'm not quite sure where it leads but that absence of purpose should be celebrated more anyway... Liking the top rated comment as well (which does not share the joy of ambiguity) ::
"Okay, so half of you viewers aren't getting the point of the title Natural Beauty, or even the video. This whole video is meant to show girls how much makeup they are caking on their faces over a year. The model looked gorgeous fresh faced, hence NATURAL BEAUTY, and when each layer of the makeup was applied, she lost that NATURAL BEAUTY. So, point being, girls: YOU are BEAUTIFUL without all the makeup you buy, you apply. Yes, it's okay to want to feel pretty, yes it's okay to wear the occasiona - itssdani"

and even more abstract and beautiful:


"Abstract Expressionism" by Lisa Rovner

which is really simply about how beautiful (and hard) it is too just look at faces (which I relate to a lot.) More about it here:

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