We help prepare you for tomorrow by connecting the dots between your business and all the things today that seem irrelevant and weird and make no sense. We do this using qualitative, narrative & conversational tools rather than metrics and technical analysis. ... We talk... a lot. We also make things. And we inspire people.

We want you to see what we see today, to understand the macro trends in Creative, Culture and Technology that posit existential threats and opportunities - and we do this through a bespoke combination of workshops, talks, insights, leadership & creative coaching and extremely private conversation.

She / they

Dark Swan are Tea Uglow and Beth Shulman.
Two women with global track records in Creative, Culture and Technology.
Tho, to be honest there is a bit more to us than that.

More about Dark Swan | Tea | Beth

How we work

We are happy to work with you through your preferred agency or training partner,
or via one of our global network of major agencies and specialised consultants.
(AI; Cloud; Web3; DEI, Organisational Theory etc)

Or you can contact Beth to engage us directly.

Say hello

The Network

A new directory aiming to simplify the channels between groups that interface with Community, the untapped talent that exists within every under-represented Community, and organisations looking to create opportunities and access to that talent.

We come from Creative, Culture and Technology but this part is for everyone.

Add yourself

More Tea?

Follow Tea through her blog or on LinkedIn.

+ xxx at xxx for publishing enquiries
+ Zoe Vaughn at Claxton International for speaking opportunities.

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