On being the Other

On being the Other

There are many aspects of 'identity'.

It has always felt odd that people are allowed to 'identify' as all sorts of things as long as it doesn't upset other people. It's an indication that 'identity' is mutable, but also confers disadvantage on some and privileges on others. In other words you can identify as whatever you like as long as you don't gain a 'benefit' in other people's eyes.

However distorted that impression may be. This labelling or division starts in the playground, works it's way through selective schooling and ultimately filters everyone into strata in society. Labels are not just about distinguishing or organising, they are about discriminating and controlling. Being an other means being less than. But it also means you are part of a community of others.

Inclusion is never going to happen. Community includes you by default.

This is an incomplete list of the types of communities we work with, and we have created it because it allows us to represent, and label ourselves in a safe space where we have a voice to indicate what that label means to us - and to allow you to find and connect with others who feel comfortable disclosing that difference.

Inclusion is like Unionisation.
By including each other we achieve strength through unity.


who are | are not

  • first nation | colonist
  • immigrant | citizen
  • refugee | resident
  • non-male | masc / male
  • non-white | caucasian
  • non-heterosexual | heterosexual
  • trans & non-binary | cis (or, normal if offended by 'cis')
  • intersex | normal
  • non-english speaking | speak English
  • non-western | "western"
  • disenfranchised | enfranchised
  • poor | normal
  • homeless | normal
  • mothers | not mothers?
  • veterans | civilian
  • disabled | normal
  • Deaf | normal
  • neurodiverse | neurotypical
  • autistic | allistic / normal
  • mental | sane
  • queer | normal / straight
  • plus-sized | straight-sized [inc. pint-sized]
Written by
Tea Uglow
There is, it turns out, always a Tea in team. And Beth. Of course. x
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