About Tea

About Tea

Tea Uglow left Google after 15 years as a founder member of Google's Creative Lab, The Art Project (now Google Arts & Culture), the RARE program, the Foo.bar recruitment program, Build with Chrome (LEGO), and the Peabody-winning Editions at Play series which is currently subject of a British Library exhibition.



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Yeet [arc/yeet]

As Creative Lab her work has won every kind of industry award, and she has spoken, judged, mentored and fought for greater representation for her communities at every stage. She has written a book on the history of queer oratory:  Great LGBTQ+ Speeches. She was part of the team that proposed and secured the transgender pride emoji in 2020. She is a former board member of D&AD (UK) and the Biennale of Sydney (AU) and is the President of the 2023 Glass LION jury in Cannes.

Uglow’s emphatic track record of “I told you so” observations derives from an autistic fascination with deviances between human ethnology and technological assumption: i.e. the implications of Facebook’s social API’s in 2008 or the profound limitation of Virtual Reality within multi-sensory human umwelt [2013]. She is currently fuming at the disingenuous furore and alarm that GPT3 has generated having spent an animated 18 months in 2016 when GPT2 was released. And, should you be interested, she spent the pandemic developing ideas around ubiquitous computing, human experience design and screenless interfaces.

Their current interests include: Decentralisation & the threat to Systems and Structures AI and Productivity. Creativity Tomorrow. Like, what is it? Inclusion, Data genocide, and Normativity The Actual Value of Culture. Also: Hamilton. The Musical.

Tea believes that activism is a civic responsibility for senior members of community who are more  socially and economically secure.    

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