SOCIAL :: How Streams become Stories. 5 ways to narrate your world....


Five ways to package the stories of your life.

To begin with we posted our status. then we shared what we liked.

As we move past the simple stream of non-stop inanity - there are an increasing number of quite simple processes emerging that let you narrativize your streams - making sense out of your life by packaging it up into small manageable stories.

They range from algorithmic data viz tools to video mash-ups, to data-scrapers like memo-lane, through to making a Tabloid newspaper version of your social streams.

And to do this they have to navigate the tightening grip of the big social networks as their paranoia about losing their ad real-estate causes their API's to shrink, or never even appear in the first place… it's a reflexive and sort of understandable reaction.

Anyway - while these things exist - let us look:

a whole play chest of visualization tools and templates to apply your data to - and that can mean social too - such as this template from recruitment firmKelly that allows you to  turn your LinkedIn CV into a personal timeline video.


An algorithmic video journey through the social sphere of you and your pals. Ugly, but interesting - ultimately we all want our lives to look like a film trailer.


Sends you stuff you posted a while ago (a random time ago). So if your life is really boring or repetitive this is one to avoid. If you have a memory like a sieve then this could be for you. It's your mate in a bar going - "hey, remember that guy…"

[youtube] (sort of similar to

Kred is like a sort of competitive sports dashboard for all your social stuff - Creating a layer of influence scoring for social - and gamifying an arena that I think we already know is pretty competitive. But hey, good to know someone is keeping score.


Uses a native language processing algorithm to hack together a sort of on-the-fly tabloid version of your life and your friends for your entertainment. Terrifying.


This started as a fun exercise but alas I have found them all pretty pointless - just adding to the flotsam of the internet. The most annoying part of researching these experiences was the unrelenting auto-promotional nature of these tools and their desire to spam you and all your friends constantly (as well as grab as much data and permissions as possible). It's the new spam - I'm sure they didn't intend it to be that way - but, that's what it is.

Written by
Tea Uglow
There is, it turns out, always a Tea in team. And Beth. Of course. x
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