Prosopagnosia - Wired update


I've had a few emails about this story that appeared in Wired, so I think I should moderate my own post(!) by explaining that I was a bit taken aback when I read it at first and posted it...

I got on really well with Josh who wrote the article and I think (on re-reading) that it is a fine article that really interests the reader in the condition. That in itself is terrific - and if it lets more people know about Brad's work then bravo!

However, it's an odd condition and not one perhaps that can easily be encapsulated in such a way. My personal situation is not so severe as the others mentioned and I'm not sure how clearly that comes across. I think it is really crucial that it is seen as a spectrum problem - not a binary one. The other problem is that, ironically, everyone seems to perceive it differently - if you imagine that you spend your life developing coping mechanisms for a problem you don't realise you have - then just recognising your mental habits is really wierd.

Working with Brad however has fundamentally shifted my perspective and helped my self-esteem beyond measure - something you read about frequently when people are diagnosed.

The bit that amused me the most is that Josh completely misremembered the bar scene. When I didn't recognise my ex (not a unique incident) I didn't really chat her up. I just caught her eye and thought she looked really attractive, so i kept up the glances. Then after an hour or two she came over and asked why I wasn't talking to her. When she spoke, and I heard her voice her face kinda melted and I knew immediately who she was (voices are like hair, highly distinctive) - and everyone fell about laughing. Clearly she had just been looking over wondering if I was annoyed with her or something. She took it extremely well, probably because it all happened because she looked cute. (so doh! still a dumb story - but rather different from josh's version).

As I said to the fact checker from Wired, I guess these kinds of stories are always more 'impressionist' than 'photo-real' .

Anyway - for those who asked about the picture. Well:

And for anyone interested further can i suggest these links:

also a piece I did with MSN health:

When every face looks the same

there you go...

maybe more later.

Written by
Tea Uglow
There is, it turns out, always a Tea in team. And Beth. Of course. x
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