OMG OMG at last & yahoo answers


Don'tja just love life changing moments?
Like drunken conversations and scrawled notes on amrms and then going into work and going, " I think she said"

And then discovering a wonderful concept for listening to music. A radio killer.
I live in the permenant belief that I'm actually way behind the times - but if you don't know this then imagine everyone in the world tagging their songs and linking them to a database. THen you can search by tags or artists or station and it doesn't just play the artist, it plays them AND similarly tagged stuff! So with the others comes the rakes, the paddingtons, thecribs etc , ban tunes, skip them, love them tag them... it builds a playlist based on your preferences. It's a radio station that really plays what you want to hear and still knows to throw in things you don't want to hear. Love it love it love it - thank you fee. OK proselytising done. But I'm excited!

Other site for the day is yahoo answers: which kicks arse in a sort of nice way. A kind of normal way.
It's genuine comedy - whereas all the sites I frequent are full of nerdy tech-savvy people asking highly intelligent questions and for whom foo is nothing, or at least nothing unusual - yahoo answers is the trailer trash version. With trailer trash answers. And boy is it funny.
From the last sixty seconds:

Should I be worried flying to New York on Sunday?
Asked by sharper - New York City - 4 seconds ago

Colonic specialist in Edwardsville, IL?
Asked by tiffany w - Other - Health - 5 seconds ago

how to make a nice cup of tea?
Asked by ankurkumar_01 - Other - Food & Drink - 8 seconds ago

Girls! Do you prefer to sleep with a man with Beard or with Moustache or without beard and moustache.?
Asked by Mateen - Other - Society & Culture - 9 seconds ago

Spillage on processor?
Asked by Lisa L - Other - Hardware - 40 seconds ago

How common is it for guys to pluck their eyebrows?
Asked by color me bored - Other - Entertainment - 48 seconds ago

does anyone know the value of a wayne gretzky rookie card?
Asked by doris k - Hockey - 52 seconds ago

What kind of dog is this?
Asked by AMac - Dogs - 1 minute ago

Are chequered shirts in fashion or is it just a coincidence?
Asked by zoeksalamander - Fashion & Accessories - 1 minute ago

Rupert, Rupert the bear......c'mon you know the words?
Asked by mica - Music - 1 minute ago

This is 'normal' life and I love it - I'm going to make it my home page.

Written by
Tea Uglow
There is, it turns out, always a Tea in team. And Beth. Of course. x
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