Is SongSmith the worst launch video for a product ever?

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So I've spent 24 hours desperately trying not to post this video for Microsoft's GarageBand-killing app 'SongSmith'....

...but in the end I heard it one too many times and realised it was inhumane of me not to spread the joy and laughter that comes with watching this 'so-undeniably-bad-it's-...-wait-no,-it's-just-really-incredibly-horribly-hilariously-bad' video to accompany the CES launch of the app.

You kinda assume they were going for the corny, tacky, cute angle - although why you would do that unless you genuinely assume that your core users are going to be musically illiterate, tone-deaf and pop-tasteless is beyond me. The app itself (going solely on the video demo) seems pointless, counter-productive and guilty of crimes against humanity. I mean - do we really need a lot of people who can't play an instrument, and can't sing to unleash a torrent of canned and digitally compiled pain on our ears? I for one think probably not.

But far more interesting is the video itself. It's just terrible. Terribly funny, true. Terribly long, also true. Terribly unconvincing except in demonstrating quite how little need there is in the world for such an awful idea. It's remarkable. I remain, a day later, astounded by it - and so, dear freinds, I felt obliged to follow far superior blogs and stick it up....

Just finally - keep an eye out for the super-best-top line: "Microsoft huh, so it's pretty easy to use?" To which the response appears to be - "Of course! Actually it's just an over-engineered toy for 7-year olds, but you can use it to write Grammy-winning Death Metal tunes. Go for it dude."
Seriously. I love it, almost as much as this...

Written by
Tea Uglow
There is, it turns out, always a Tea in team. And Beth. Of course. x
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