Hello FriendFeed! Hello FriendConnect!


I just added FriendFeed and Google's Friend Connect to my site. It was really simple. Even for me.

FriendFeed is a brilliant site for those who don't know it - it allows you to package together all your feeds in one place. A 'feed' is anything that we would normally call an update. (e.g. your Facebook status, or new photos on Picasa/Flickr, a new bookmark on del.icio.us, or even additions to your Amazon wishlist). So it shows a list of everything that you might want to share - in one place...

At the FriendFeed site you can see all the updates from your 'friends' articles they've 'shared' from Google Reader, or the latest Twitters, or blog entries. In fact there are a number of 'feeds' that one can be quite unaware of. I guess that number will rise rather than fall.
It points to a time after email-forwards, where you can surf the social wave of viral videos, baby pics, inane twitterings and 'saw-this-and-thought-of-you' articles - and be at one with your multi-national, scattered friends interests, pursuits, and obssessions without lengthy calls or frantic IM pings. It points to a place where everyone can be both connected and in control. I'm quite keen so I stuck my personal feed at tomu.co.uk

Friend Connect from Google is a different tool, which I think will grow as it is adopted by sites who want to allow communities specific to those sites to grow without having to build their own. Put simply, imagine if your Bebo id, or Google account, or MySpace, or OpenID meant that you could just 'sign in' to a community on your favorite recipe site, or arts, or movie, or birdwatching site and that you could then update your status or comment across sites without having to stick in all those details again? Sound helpful? Well it will be.
Join my community if you like. Another interesting watch will be to see if Facebook (who have their own version of this called 'Facebook Connect') will join in or if they'll just try to brave it out with a proprietary version.

We shall see. I'm all geared up and ready for a year of a bit more sharing, and a little less mute consumption. We shall see how that goes too...

Written by
Tea Uglow
There is, it turns out, always a Tea in team. And Beth. Of course. x
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