GEEK :: Away3D Flash Engine - does look really rather interesting... (away3d vs webGL will be fun)


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So my beginners understanding is that openGL allows access to your computers Graphics Card - from your browser. Meaning you can start to do heavy processor stuff like game-style 3d graphics on a web page. ... and as usual there are lots of ways vying to do this. the open-source javascript-based WebGL and Away3D from Flash. Who will win! (again)... Well if it's all on ios tablets with no flash support it seems pretty obvious. But...
Away3D: Adobe’s new 3D API “Molehill”
November 5th, 2010
Filed under: AWAY3D, Engine, News — Peter Kapelyan @ 10:30 am
If you haven’t heard the news, the next major Flash Player upgrade from Adobe will include a extensive 3D API that will support direct paths to OpenGL and DirectX-based 3D rendering on the GPU, as well as a new software 3D renderer fallback that will aim to provide the vast majority of computers with fast, reliable, 3D rendering in Flash.

Armed with “Molehill” (the codename for these new 3D APIs) performance is set to increase to around 1000 times what can be squeezed out of the current Flash Player. Flash game makers, designers, and developers will finally have the option to use console-quality 3D graphics in their 3D Flash creations.

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Tea Uglow
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