It's all about being creative... apparently.

Videos about creativity - what is it?!

It seems that just right now, everyone wants to be creative, which is nice because I'm creative and it's nice to be 'in' for a change - although what that really means is that I forget where I'm meant to be, or what I'm talking about and I end up apologising a lot. However some people have made some smart videos about how to be it without going off on a tangent about things that aren't the thing...

This is a truly excellent (and short) Scriberia-animated video by Steven Johnson about creating, not the idea, but the space around the ideas...

THese guys are selling a book - but up until the hard-sell they hit a lot of interesting points:

and this is a killer student project about redesigning a phone... sorry, about the art of creativity.

Quick (and cynical) analysis of this video's success: 1. have an idea    2. pick a pretty girl   3. don't sweat the details   4. pile on the clichés    5. soundtrack beats content   6. humans make ideas human   7. don't explain, tell a story   8. be generous with your green-screen budget   9. did I mention the girl should be cute? - This 9-step approach is a sure-fire route to winning awards. This is visually rich, emotional, compelling to the imagination and low on specifics - it is basically a fantasy, but wrapped in an idealogical & poetic plea for creativity, and laced with an enticing VO.  Without the video, it's another (most likely excellent) student project about phone design, but with the video and that title it is something completely different. More like, well, an advert. 1million views proves it. Very interesting.

and this... about magic circles. Creativity is a serious social game.

Bruce Nussbaum on Creative Intelligence, from Connecting the Dots to Indie Capitalism - Core77
When we last heard from Bruce Nussbaum, on the occasion of the HarvardxDesign Conference, he mentioned his forthcoming book, Creative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect and Inspire (HarperBusiness 2013). Available now, it makes for a surprisingly good beach or travel read (Kindle…
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Tea Uglow
There is, it turns out, always a Tea in team. And Beth. Of course. x
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